FILMS is a system that can be accessed easily on-line and real time by different financial institutions facilitated by our established wide area network. Through this automation project PAF personnel will not have tha hard time of processing their loans. This system provides top of the line hardware and software component the reason why information can easily be retrieved for loan approval. The system is also user friendly. The security feature of this system was designed in order not to compromise its integrity. The system is providing fast and reliable information for the benefit of our airmen.

The FILMS operates 24/7. Trained and qualified personnel are manning the operation of this system in order to serve its purpose and better serve our airmen. The system eliminates manual processing of loan. The Financial Institution Loan Monitoring System (FILMS) also follows a single window concept which allows different financial institution to promote collaboration among each other for coordinated control; example is avoidance of multiple loans by a single individual without capacity to pay. As a result, the loan services community is now faced with data requirements that provide transparency.

One best feature of this system is the availability of the loan profile of the loan profile of individual PAF personnel. This will prevent anybody from having multiple loans even he or she lacks the capacity to pay. Through this feature, the system can help tyhe command in promoting and advocating individual and household financial management wisely. This system also provides layers of security and internal control features. All data that were inputted by the different financial institutions will be validated by this center.

Finally, every activity using the financial institution loan monitoring system is posted in the database of the system. Also, the specific description of the activity was being monitored, reviewed and validated 24/7. This audit trail feature of the system is the evidence promoting the integrity of our system.

The FILMS was launched during the 36th year Anniversary of the Air Force Finance Center and upgraded by uploading photos last year 2010.